Buying tips? Rolling Chassis LO206

Outta curiosity, so when looking for a used kart, what is a rolling chassis and what comes with it? What else do I need to get if I just got the rolling chassis?

Rolling Chassis - frame, all front and rear suspension components and a sprocket carrier, all driver controls, a torsion bar, working brakes, full bodywork, a seat, a set of wheels with either junk tires or no tires.

If you buy a Rolling Chassis, you will need an Engine Package consisting of engine, mount, clutch, chain, sprocket, fuel pump, carburetor, throttle cable assembly, and ignition. Watercooled Engine Packages also include water hoses, water pump, radiator, thermostat, and hose clamps. TaG engine packages add to that a wiring harness, battery holder and battery, electronic control module, and starter.

When comparing quotes for either make sure you’re not being shorted. Rolling Chassis + Engine Package + fuel, oil, and water = Running Kart.

Ya know, I think I’ll just buy the kart as a whole, save myself the trouble :joy:

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This is a good overview of what to look for with a used kart…

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Yeah i watched that before, good pointers :+1:

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Take a straight edge, and check the chassis!! If it’s bent, PASS!
Don’t buy a used kart from ANYBODY you Don’t KNOW!
Don’t make an $1800 mistake like I did and buy a POS you end up taking to the dump! :confounded: