Buying Used Kart: 2017 BirelArt RY29 S8B w/ 125cc IAME X30

Hi KartPulse,

Someone at the local track is selling his 2017 BirelArt RY29 S8B with a 125cc IAME X30 engine. He’s also throwing in a MyChron5. All for around $3500. I’ve been racing rental karts for the past two years and have been looking for the opportunity to purchase a used kart. I’m not looking to get into any races at the moment, just want something I can call my own and practice with on the weekends, though x30 is the most popular series out here. According to the seller, he’s only driven it in one race and has barely used it at all. Obviously I’ll go see it in person, but does this look like a good option on paper? One of my main concerns is its 28/30 tube diameter, because I’m a taller/heavier driver (6’1", 190lbs), and this chassis seems more geared towards junior drivers.

Any input would be much appreciated!

Where are you located? $3500 is great deal for that package. Tube diameter is fine.

I’m going to agree that is a good deal, but personally I would think a 29 would be too soft for your size. I don’t have specific experience with the BirelART product though. However, it might be worth getting it anyway and if you decide it’s too soft, you can always sell the chassis itself and swap to something else.

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Yep, if it’s true that that engine has close to zero hours on it since rebuild, sounds like a race ready x30 at a very good price. FYI I just got a used x30 from one of the teams at a big race (basically a new engine that has been broken in) and that cost 2450.

Oh and what TJ said, sell frame if it’s jot optimal. It’s a 2017 so still desirable.

So, assuming the frame isn’t bent, flatspotted or otherwise messed up, seems like a good deal.

Where are you located?

I wouldn’t be super concerned about the rail size, especially if it’s for practice. Sure rail size gets mentioned a lot, but there’s a lot of things that influence the flex/spring/stiffness of the chassis.

Rentals to X30 is going to be a big jump, but of the TaG 125cc engines it does have the most widespread adoption, so that’s a good thing

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That price seems reasonable considering everything he’s told you, if true…

If you’re looking for a track day kart, an X30 certainly is a kick in the pants. I would be curious if you’ve had some experience with 2 cycle engines? The X30 package is fantastic as is, but the car and feeding of one is considerably more than a Briggs, say. With that said, the performance is also much greater!

One area I would suggest checking on the kart is have an alignment done. Working on CompKart/Birel chassis, I’ve noticed the front yolk area can sag at times if not monitored due to how soft the chassis is.

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