BYOK tracks in New England

Hello everyone!
I am a new member and just wanted to ask if there are any (I mean ANY) tracks in New England where you can just bring your own kart and pay to run 10 laps on a random weekday morning. I was in France last summer and we went to three different tracks (simple, middle of nowhere but real tracks nonetheless) where they would alternate running rentals for ten laps and private owned karts (and supermotos) for ten laps for 15 euros a round!
I am not a serious racer and cannot commit weekends to racing but I do have a perfectly good rotax 125 that I would love to go rip on a random weekday :slight_smile: their requirements were closed toe shoes and a full face helmet. Period.
In a nutshell, is there a track (I’m just north of Boston) where anyone can bring their kart and pay for 10 laps at a time to have fun without participating in full blown sanctioned racing?
Thanks in advance!

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The only track in New England that I am aware of that offers a weekday BYOK practice session is X1 Outdoors, south of Boston, in East Bridgewater, MA.

They only offer one practice day a week, Tuesdays from 12-6p, during the summer months. They also have a Saturday morning practice session, 9a-12, but that only happens when they are running a Sunday club series race on the same weekend. You could contact them to verify that is true.

There is a very small kart track, way up in the White Mountains in Tamworth, New Hampshire, that is part of a larger private car club track facility, that might offer weekday practice, but I’m not sure about that.

There are no other karting facilities in New England that I am aware of that offer practice days.

The next closest kart track that has weekday BYOK practice days is Oakland Valley Race Park in Cuddebackville, NY.

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I think you just made “BYOK” a thing for karting.
Welcome :smile:

Thanks for the input guys!
I know that X1 offers a few weekday practice times but the issues are:

  • It’s expensive, last time I called I was told that I had to pay just as much as if I were renting ! Basically dropping $150 just to show up…
  • Noise limitations, I was told they have to submit daily DB reports to city hall!!! My rotax only has the single muffler and is about as loud as a 2 stroke gets

I’m amazed that all the tracks in the area are simply deserted 355 days out of year outside of sanctioned race weekends…
I know that guys with flexible weekday schedules would come out of the woodwork on random weekdays to go blow off some steam and have a little fun.
Seemed so simple overseas (Jura mountains region France which gets just as nasty as NE in the winter) just a simple track alternating rentals and private karts, 10 laps at a time and one teenager handling the whole thing.

Thanks for the info on the White Mountains track! I’ll check it out!emphasized text

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