Cadet kart 206 vs 2 stroke

So I’m pretty sure I know how this is going to go. But the kiddo is showing more and more interest in karting. He’s been putting in 60-70 laps a day on his dirt oval I built him. But that chassis is a dirt chassis with a comer 50. As of right now he really wants to come out to the “big track” with dad. He just turned 4 and local track allows him on track at 4.5. Right now I’m leaning towards a cadet chassis with a 206. But for the kiddos would 2 stroke be something to consider?

How old is the kiddo? As much as I love the 206, for the kiddos the Honda GXH 50 seems to be a nice package.

He’s 4.


Just remember the 206 can grow with him…

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I guess it’s really determined by the places you plan to race.

Personal preference is the GXH and sell it when you’re done with it.

Sure you can use the 206 as he grows, but it’s still a significant weight of the kart proportionally.

If it’s just for lapping though, you could run the comer.

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I get what you’re saying James. I’m biased also :grinning:

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Yeah I need to do some more looking at the cadet classes as well.

Most cadets don’t start until age 7. At 4, it would be a kid kart, which can run the Comer 50, the Honda, and some places are starting to have the 206 for kid kart as well. The 206 can be ran at all levels. However, my daughter has only ran 2 strokes, and when it was time to move to juniors, she wanted to stay with 2 stroke and not move to the 206.

Check to see what your local track runs for kid kart motor options. Then see what the cadet field sizes are in 2-stroke and 206. That’ll give you an idea of where he can/will go after kid karts. If there’s good support for 206 all the way for him then go for it. If he’ll have to switch to 2-stroke later then best to start there now.


Like Chris said, check the tracks you’ll run at to see what they run, then get that. The Comer is generally the “go to” engine for kk

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