Cadet times and comparisons as a class

I wanted to rank different cadet classes by times that i can find. Im going to use the junior 1 blue side as a baseline.
This is using a mostly high speed with a few techanical turns and 10 turns total on about .8 mile track

Jr 1 Red Slide - 1:01.23
Jr 1 Blue Slide - 1:00.00 ( baseline )
Jr 1 Black Slide - 0:56.7 (unrestricted)
MicroSwift - +0:00.7 compared to mini
MiniSwift - -0:00.7 compared to micro
MicroRotax - 0:58.46
MiniRotax - 0:55.23

If you have better data please share but figured this could be useful when thinking of moving classes or training for an event the uses different packages then you have at home. Dont have data directly comparing swift to any of the other classes so not sure how they compare time wise.

Can you put the weights you’re seeing these times at?

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Adams Motorsports Park:

Cadet 60 IAME Mini 48 seconds
Cadet 65 Yamaha shifter 44 seconds

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These are at 245lbs. Other than the swift i believe is 225 -235