Calling all my fellow karters - In search of an MY09 Leopard Crankshaft

After a series of unfortunate events, I am in need of a new (or gently used) crank half for my IAME MY09 Leopard.

The shaft broke right at the end of the taper where the clutch bell rides.

I figure I have three options here. Buy a new crank assembly (about $950 plus bearings and seals), try to replace just the half that broke ($520 including new bearings and seals) or start shopping for a new motor. Mike offered me a steel of a deal on Practically new RoK GP (less than 2 hours on it). He mentioned another guy that might be unloading an X30. Unless I can find somebody that has what I need at the right price, I may be saving up for a new one. Ideally I would like to fix this one and try to sell it for more than the cost of repairs.

Anybody have any leads on the Clutch half of a Crank?


I have a Leopard engine core - no ignition, carb, or pipe, but an intact head, cylinder, crank, and bottom end. If you want, I’ll ask the owner if I can sell it.


Let me know. (20 characters)

It’s the older style engine. I’ll start the negotiation by offering it for $550 shipped to any Lower 48 location.

Older style? Is it the 07 or MY09? I need an MY09. The crank is different on the clutch side as it has to pass through a third bearing support on the clutch guard.

Old style. Send me a photo and a couple of dimensions on the crank - I think you could just swap engines and buy a clutch.

This is what my Crank End looks like:
MY09 Crank

See how the end is machined and not threaded. If its threaded, it will not fit through the Third Bearing support.

I will try to split the cases this weekend and get some dimensions off the crank.


I don’t think this crank will work; I think it’s only useful if you can swap engines.


I may do that. My clutch is still intact, so could probably swap everything over. Did you get a price on it from the owner?

Yes. $500 including shipping. It does have a clutch, in good condition, but not the drum, sprocket, or bearing


I have a fresh MY09 crank sitting in my shop. PM me and we can figure out something very reasonable for you.

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