In search of an MY09 Leopard Crankshaft

After a series of unfortunate events, I am in need of a new (or gently used) crank half for my IAME MY09 Leopard.

The shaft broke right at the end of the taper where the clutch bell rides.

I figure I have three options here. Buy a new crank assembly (about $950 plus bearings and seals), try to replace just the half that broke ($520 including new bearings and seals) or start shopping for a new motor. Mike offered me a steel of a deal on Practically new RoK GP (less than 2 hours on it). He mentioned another guy that might be unloading an X30. Unless I can find somebody that has what I need at the right price, I may be saving up for a new one. Ideally I would like to fix this one and try to sell it for more than the cost of repairs.

Anybody have any leads on the Clutch half of a Crank?


I have a Leopard engine core - no ignition, carb, or pipe, but an intact head, cylinder, crank, and bottom end. If you want, I’ll ask the owner if I can sell it.


Let me know. (20 characters)

It’s the older style engine. I’ll start the negotiation by offering it for $550 shipped to any Lower 48 location.

Older style? Is it the 07 or MY09? I need an MY09. The crank is different on the clutch side as it has to pass through a third bearing support on the clutch guard.

Old style. Send me a photo and a couple of dimensions on the crank - I think you could just swap engines and buy a clutch.

This is what my Crank End looks like:
MY09 Crank

See how the end is machined and not threaded. If its threaded, it will not fit through the Third Bearing support.

I will try to split the cases this weekend and get some dimensions off the crank.


I don’t think this crank will work; I think it’s only useful if you can swap engines.


I may do that. My clutch is still intact, so could probably swap everything over. Did you get a price on it from the owner?

Yes. $500 including shipping. It does have a clutch, in good condition, but not the drum, sprocket, or bearing


I have a fresh MY09 crank sitting in my shop. PM me and we can figure out something very reasonable for you.

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Still on the hunt for a Crankshaft. I had been in contact with Christian, but he went dark on me a week ago. If anyone has a bead on a newly rebuilt MY09 Crankshaft Assembly, please let me know. @wsalisbury3, you mentioned knowing a few guys up in the Northeast. Any suggestions?

Split the cases today to find out what happened. Here are the results.

Not good! Main bearing on PTO side failed.

Not sure what happened first. Maybe the seal went and got sucked into the bearing, destroying it or if the bearing cut loose and ate the seal. In either case, when the main bearing went, it left the shaft wobbling around and because it uses a third bearing support on the outside of the clutch it snapped the shaft at the weakest point.

It looks to have melted the plastic pins for the rod guide on the PTO side as well.

Causing the guide to rub against the rod.

There is a little scoring on the inside of the PTO crank half, but after cleaning it up some it does not look to be fatal.

Still needs a thorough cleaning to be sure.

Stator side of everything looks good. I of course will replace all of the bearings and seals at this point as it is a total rebuild.

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