Calspeed closing

Is Grange still open in Apple Valley? I use to race supermoto there.

Does anyone in California have a Rotax?

I would like to see fewer KAs and more X30s out here for the simple reason that they can run on 91 octane gasoline

Doesn’t seem too popular, but I’m really liking the engine package. I pull less maintenance on the Rotax motors then I did on KA and especially X30. Just show up and drive.

We had a decent group for the Rotax race in Phoenix (think it was 35 total in JR,SR, Master) with I think a couple people from California.

Why can’t KA100 run 91 (Assuming RON+MON/2?) fuel?

In practice, detonation.

By the book, IAME’s manual says to use 98 RON fuel which is 93 (RON+MON)/2 octane.

In theory, it’s got similar compression to an X30 but worse cooling.

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Yeah I guess I wouldn’t nessacarily conclude that you cant run 91 from that, might pay to be cautious when air temps are high, but otherwise there’s a myriad of options, but they would need to be tackled at the regulatory level.

Spec a copper small head gasket, milder pipe and or a timing plate with less advance.

All that said, isn’t 93 non-oxy pretty ubiquitous?

GAAAH, no, I wish. The 91-AKI “high test” is the thing I like least about living in California.

93-AKI E10 or E15 is a nearly ideal 2-stroke fuel. Marathon Premium is well over 98 RON and even on some very hot engines has you slow down from inadequate heat well before detonation sets in.

Guy driving is a little bit excitable… but decent view of K1 Circuit. Looks fun! Only 5hr drive from Phoenix.

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you ever figure out if a ka can run 91 without any major issues? i’ve been running it just to test the kart before season

Bummer to see any track fold up and close. At least there will be a new track close by opening up.

What, where??? I’m going to try Apex for a practice day.

I managed to throw in a couple of days as a last goodbye to the track. I chatted with few employees, they told me they are actively looking for another venue, take it for what it is, but I cross my fingers for them.

Both days were unusually eventful, glad I managed to squeeze in few laps in the tecnico layout.

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A KA cannot run on 91. You’ll detonate badly. Go to Downs Energy’s station on Magnolia Ave in Corona and buy VP 101 unleaded for nine bucks a gallon at the pump. If you’re desperate to save every penny you can on fuel mix it 1:1 with 91.

K1 Circuit in Winchester will open in the spring.

I’m at Apex regularly. If you want me to come out and coach I’ll bring my X30 or KA100 and you can help me lift it onto and off of the stand.

Edited for update: I am considering going to Apex tomorrow. It’s half-price


it’s not about saving pennies. it’s about not having access to anything higher. arkansas has 0 stations selling above 93 octane. and i have not found 1 station selling 93 non ethanol and i do not want to run ethanol.

Thanks Charles, I’m out of town for a couple of weeks but I would certainly meet up with you at Apex sometime. We can help each other out lifting karts!

93 octane e10 eastern pump gas is the exact fuel you want for a kart engine. Ethanol is good for them, it cools the mixture and prevents detonation, just run the carburetor dry at the end of the day as it’ll slowly degrade the diaphragms if it’s sitting there.

I’m envious of drivers east of the Rockies who get to run 93, we only have 91 out here and it’s horrible.

how do i run the carb dry?

Pull the fuel output line from the tank (goes to the carb) & then just run the engine until it burns all the residual fuel in the line & dies.

does that not cause any damage to the engine?