Calspeed closing

Hey guys. Got some bad news.

CalSpeed Karting Center to permanently close December 4

We regret to inform the karting community that CalSpeed Karting Center will close permanently on December 4, 2022. We were recently informed by Auto Club Speedway that due to the planned redevelopment of the property, all rental activities and programs will cease by the end of the year.

All scheduled events at CalSpeed will continue as planned. LAKC, Tri-C Karters, and SuperKarts! USA ProKart event will proceed as scheduled as will the remaining Clinic/Sprint/TinMan and IronMan/Super Series rounds. The final day for open practice and kart rentals will be Sunday, November 27. The 15th annual running of the Machismo 12 Hour Race endurance race on December 3 will be the final event at CalSpeed.

We are currently exploring options for the future. In the meantime, our goal is to make the most of the limited time we have left to best commemorate our 19-year run at Auto Club Speedway.

More information and announcements are forthcoming.


Bummer! Never got a chance to run there. Planned on running ROK Challenge of the Americas there next year. They just released the schedule a couple weeks ago and it had CalSpeed on the schedule. This must have been sudden.

The dreaded ‘developments’. Parma went to that, Tilbury here went to an Amazon warehouse…

@jd896 quick, head to California if you haven’t been here yet!


Anyone in the area wanna do the Machismo Enduro with me?

Done! I will for sure miss it!

It’s a beautiful day out here today


Hope you didn’t just put that thing together to turn laps there! Anywhere else local to turn laps?

Yes, Adams in Riverside and Apex in Perris. Neither can accommodate 200 entries for a race, though.


Correct and there is another big facility that K1 is opening not far away and looks massive…supposedly for electric rentals and gas powered karts, launching in 2022 but not sure about the exact plans…will find out soon!


I’ll need to look those up. Fontana was only a 5ish hour drive. Our team went a couple of times, but I couldn’t get away for the weekend to go.

Looks pretty sweet! Has some flow and sweeping features. Anything besides the typical straight, 90*, straight, 180*, straight, 90*, etc…

The Calspeed news was posted on EKN’s page on Facebook. Several individuals in that post’s comment section have mentioned that the K1 track plans to be for their rental karts only.

Which, to be quite honest, doesn’t come as a surprise at all.

very early stages…will see!

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Yeah my understanding is that they want to have competitio karting there.

Guess they hate money :laughing:

I think you are right…it’s the reality nowadays, what brings money is rentals and events. Practice days are not really worth it unless used as a filler or brought down to once a week type of frequency.

Yes please! Would love to see more places running Rotax.

I’ve observed three main types of tracks. (bit of a soapboax rant at the end)

  1. Tracks owned by NPO clubs that have just enough cash to keep it running with help of volunteers and sponsors. But little to no budget for expansion/marketing.

  2. Tracks that operate with rentals but rent the track from the club, with agreement to commit to race x number of race events.

  3. Tracks that run rentals that just cannot justify hosting a race without the organization having to bring BIG driver numbers or charge triple digit entry fees.

The soapbox (I’ve been talking with people about this lately so it’s on my mind)

My honest assessment is that track\clubs are undervalued and taken for granted by racers in karting. Many drivers will think nothing of spending hundreds on tires and engine work, but will balk at the thought of paying more for entry fees. Often I see people piss and moan about a $5 increase in fees. Yet if you look at the hierarchy of things, without the track, racing cannot happen. Sure, not having an engine builder, or fresh tires make it difficult to race. Not having a venue makes it impossible.

I actually think it’s a major factor that impedes the sport and one of the reasons I’m not super keen on the mantra that “karting should be for everyone”. I promise I’m not talking about gatekeeping the sport here. The continued efforts to make owner driver karting less and expensive will naturally attract pople with smaller budgets… including entry fees…

While making the sport accessible to “everyone” is a valiant cause, it’s just not sustainable and almost always a false economy for the racer (Read clone\predator classes). The sport (Owner driver part) requires too much effort on the behalf of the “customer” to work as a “stack high and sell cheap” model.

Karting should be (and is) excellent value, but that often gets conflated with cost in people’s minds. . Racing will cost you everything you allocate to it, the question is what do you get for your money.

All that said, I think Calspeed’s closing was to do with real estate changes?


I was fortunate enough to race at Machismo last year with Race. Fun track, definitely a major loss for the California market



Tilbury is gone :frowning_face: I use to go there with my dad in the mid to late 60’s.

Amazon warehouse now

X1 turned into storage and office space