Camber pills 0.5 vs 1.5

Hello guys.

I have one birel Art S14 chassi. can you explain what is the differences between 0.5 pills and 1.5 pills? What is the realy effect on the chassi?

by the way, for a “standard” driving, which of them you choose?

Others on here are more experienced, but my understandings is that these numbers are the degrees of offset each pill has. This really affects caster, as you can set either to a desired amount of camber. The larger offset pill will give you the ability to run between +1.5 degrees of caster and -1.5 degrees. The smaller one will give you between +0.5 and -0.5 degrees. You’ll need to figure out what you need setup-wise to determine which one is right for you and a given set of conditions.


Yousef is correct that numbers correspond to different amounts of offset, in degrees. Whether this offset affects caster, camber, or both is entirely dependent upon the orientation of the pill in the chassis. Standard setup is 0.5 degree pill with caster in. Swapping the 0.5 for the 1.5 will yield a substantial change, and generally this is done on the BirelArt as the track grip level increases.


Ok guys, thks a lot for your feedback. Now i understand the concept.

When you say “the grip level increases” you mean, the track have more grip or exist to much traffic that left a track “burning”, correct?

The rubber on the track builds up. Grip increases.