Camera - What to buy? and some practical concerns

So all that is required for that is to download the AIM software.

Race studio 3

Race studio allows you to graphically view all of the data the mychron collects like rpm, temp, time etc.

Rafael, I was recently researching MyChron vs Alfano, and being able to import my GoPro footage along with my data was important to me. I won’t go into all the details on why I’m going Alfano, but this is one of them.

RaceStudio will only import video from the $1000 SmartCam. But, if you use TrackAttack (Pro) ($80/yr, or $8/month), you can import many video types along with race data from many timing platforms. It has built-in intelligence to sync your video with your data and very nicely splits the video up for the laps you have selected.

I’ve been testing it recently with data and videos from iRacing, and am very happy with it. TrackAttack, a GoPro, and an Alfano are going to be my choice for the coming race season.

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Are you positive on that? I cant recall if I have tried to pull in data from anything other than mychron (ie Gopro telemetry data).

Thank you Evan! I will definitely check TrackAttack Pro. It would be helpful for my iRacing files as well.

I used DashWare for video and data overlay.