Can anyone help identify this kart chassis?

(Blake sholders) #1

a buddy of mine found this frame for sale and we are trying to figure out what it is. The owner doesnt know much about it.

(Ted Hamilton) #2

Any marking on that one spindle?
Rear setup looks American… I’m going to guess a high-hp Coyote prototype? Interesting features on it.

(Blake sholders) #3

Nope the guy said there are no markings or serial numbers. Thank you for the input

(Mike Clark) #4

It looks a bit dated.
Bearing carriers are pretty unique.

(Ted Hamilton) #5

Re: bearing carriers,I bought a set of those, weld-on blanks, machined, from BMI not too long ago -4-5 years. It’s possible this is a homemade, albeit well-done, kart…

(Blake sholders) #6

About an hour after i posted this the guy sold it. Now hes asking what it is on the kart trading post on Facebook. People are saying its a coyote! Thanks for the help man! You know your stuff! Wish my buddy would have bought it