Can anyone identify this go-kart?


@Welte_Racing (Shawn) is pretty good at these… Any ideas shawn?

Well I was thinking about getting it fixed and up and running again. I just need to find the parts for it. Does anybody know where I can find some? @Welte_Racing

You’ll probably have better luck if you post on Facebook:

I posted it in the VKA group anyway for you. There’s great knowledge in those FB groups, but it’s behind a walled garden which is a bummer…

1964 Rupp Lancer GTO enduro / Engine-McCulloch 91 /Hegar Motor mount / Azusa header / Airheart 150 brake / Covico Steering wheel / MaxTorque clutch. GEM chain gaurd *** It’s missing it’s saddle gas tank, number panel. The brake pedal is correct, the gas pedal is off a 63, Front wheels are correct RuppTurbine, rear wheels?

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