Can I compete in championships at the age of 18 and above, in my own country or abroad (rotax max challenge, WSK super master series, bnl series etc.)?

What is your end goal? To race in f1? To give your kids a good future? To race karts? To race cars?

  1. My ultimate goal is to compete in the formula. The child issue was my wish for the future, maybe I will not have a child.

  2. Ok, I want to make money too. OK? I didn’t want to be private, you started it and I don’t expect anyone to pay.

Is my comment here misreading you? Or am I not using English correctly?

“You don’t compete, you don’t know if you have the talent, I’m past the money thing, you can’t even explain what you mean. You’re even using your English wrong and I don’t know what you’re saying.” If you’re serious, I’ll close it here. You can say whatever you want to say.

because I’m so tired now.

Licensing to drive GT4 they are for sure referring to an FIA race license. Start by looking up the pre requisites for that (sit down when you look).

To compete in Rotax Max National series as a step up you need a CIK kart license which also has pre requisites like ARKS test and you have to be recommended by an approved assessor that you can drive a kart reasonably quick - for example my local track Rotax Max competition lap time is around 59s, I had to demonstrate I was at least capable of 1:04 on a green track to make the cut. This is for your own safety!

Start by getting a license, then approach the team for a tent program - this can be cheaper if you can turn spanners yourself, biggest expense to a team is the mechanics. See where you’re at and go from there.

When I say “I’m not special,” it may be spelled as if I’m someone special.

Shall we continue this conversation with you? as if you understand me better.

The subject has gone to a very ridiculous place, let’s continue with you. you seem to understand my language.

Have a read through TOSFED site, look up licensing requirements there’s one there for kart license looks like but it’s mostly Turkish (am I correct you’re in Turkey?)

If I were you I’d look towards getting the CIK license first - the team you refer to might be able to assess you, then you’ll also know how far you are from being on the pace

I read TOSFED but how do you know? I thought you were Turkish.

Sorry but this thread is getting very stupid, its like “I want to become a millionaire but i do not know where to start, so please give me a guide, i did nothing before but oh boy I think I can work hard for that”

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yes i live in turkey I want to make a formula career. Cem did karting when he was little. but when I asked him, we talked about the present times, not the old days. Can I still start racing at the age of 18-19? This. I wrote Cem’s answer, I think you read it. There is also communication with Tosfed.

I will not answer this question. That’s why I could be hospitalized tonight.

You can start racing at any age, but your chances of making to the highest levels decrease significantly the older you get.

And I’m thinking of doing as cem said. He also said focus on e-sports. He talked about general esports racing, not just f1. Iracing, assetto corsa etc.

I think what most people are trying to say is that it is incredibly expensive to race cars. You are 18, have no racing experience, and aren’t made of money. F1 is out of the picture. This realization sucks, but it’s true. I had to go through it too.
Except for the top level of motorsports, racing drivers don’t make money. Even in the WEC most drivers pay to be there.
Gt4 costs money. F3 costs money. F2 costs money. No one is making money.
Use your passion for racing to get a job in racing, or to make enough money to race. Or just race karts for fun.
I originally was in a similar spot to you. Loved cars since the day I was born, begged my parents to let me race for years, wanted to be an f1 driver, etc. I realized at some point it wasn’t feasible to turn racing into a career, but I still race karts. My career goals are still in line with the motorsports world.
I’m not trying to be a Debbie downer but racing won’t turn into a career. Doesn’t mean you can’t race. Doesn’t mean you can’t have a career in racing.

Is this team you are talking about willing to give you a free seat? Because I don’t see how that’s possible.

Believe me, I don’t know if they give free space. I tried to contact for 7 months. They found someone new 3 days ago.

I’m not stupid, I already know that.

Alright I’m going to stop indulging here. I’m honestly trying to help.
Maybe you’re incredibly naturally talented, and we will see you in f1 in a few years. It’s not impossible

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my focus is f2. is f2, as f1 is like the end of the road and the enjoyment of competition diminishes. More competition, more fun. I get goosebumps watching it. I really want to race in f2, sit in the cockpit of that vehicle. I really want to go at full speed on the straights. In the meantime, I know the physical and mental possibilities.

Coming back to your original question:


Following up with:

He might be racing but he is not making money, and given his results up until this point, likely won’t in the future.

Race for fun. Karting or esports, whatever you can enjoy and afford. If something happens great, if not you’ve had fun. But don’t trick yourself.