Can karters educate esports racers about our sport?

Maybe I’m old-school, but I actually skip past all the ones that have the “Ad” tag. I feel like its a bait or not likely to have what I am actually looking for. The non-Ad based results are driven by clicks rather than dollars for promotion. When its the content that is relative to what I am searching rather than someone trying to drive business in their direction, I feel like there is more value. Then again, I am not afraid to go through 20 pages of results to find what is relevant either.

I never said KP was at the top of the list, but it was ranked well amongst other relevant (non-Ad) content. So, on that front we are doing well.

As for Ryan, I get the feeling he is working on building his own Brand. Which is commendable. That would not exclude him from linking himself in other sites. Seems like forums would be great for that as there is no monetary gain or loss for doing so and likely they would be filled with people interested in the sport already. Knowing @XanderClements is on here and is a regular in the pits with several of today’s top US drivers, one would think he is spreading the word about our little corner of the interwebs. :wink:

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Yeah the only problem is you don’t have a reason to run ads other than to drive traffic here. If you could figure it a way to profit it may be beneficial but I don’t think that’s how people would want to change the forum.

I completely agree. I don’t click on the ads either. But the majority of people don’t notice it. But good point

I’d say that with the little amount of media and just karting content in general on the internet, there’s probably a ton of ghost readers on this site here too.

I try to hop on these threads whenever I can and add my two cents wherever possible. Sometimes we end up a little bullish on the negative end, driving ourselves round and round in circles (pun intended).

But I think this thread here is good.

One point I will say is that even for those of us who aren’t active content creators at the moment, is that we all can be better / more active content consumers. Don’t just watch the videos or read posts. At the bare minimum, likes are good, but dropping comments or sharing videos and posts do a ton with the way each social media site does with engagement.

It’s pretty common knowledge now that you no longer reach all of your followers on Instagram or Facebook with a single post. But that post will go into a larger % of your followers’ feeds IF it performs well through likes, comments, shares, etc. So even if you think “Ah, no point in me sharing this, I have little to no following”, the truth is the engagement boost alone does a lot to put the content out to new poeple through the platforms’ built-in algorithms.


I’d also say there are a large number of people who are just stuck in the Facebook blackhole, that probably shadow-read threads, but don’t post stuff. (That’s fine, really.)

It’s 50/50 whether when I talk to someone that they know about Kartpulse in the real world (locally or traveling), or on Facebook. Probably about an equal 50/50, for example, if they know that I worked some of the content, or if James did. (shrugs)

After a while, I just started focusing on fostering the community that’s already on here, and providing links to forums on Facebook threads where it made sense to.

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Can you dig up a current version to see what’s changed?



hard to conclude much as karting is a generic term (which encompasses a lot) whereas iRacing is a specific brand. But it pretty much reflects what you anticipated. Slightly higher base for iRacing.

For the UK lockdown is directly correlated with huge dips in interest (which has led to a major venue pretty much closing down for now). I suspect the spike for karting we see is mainly due to Luca Corberi as well.

Alan, we are gonna need you to dig deep and go ahead and beat up everyone on the grid. Karting needs the attention, badly. I want to see the entire grid fighting at the next club 100 race.

Thanks for posting the update.

Even though it’s just one “brand” of sim racing, that graph is encouraging for Karting at face value.

haha, there are lessons from that whole incident that are quite valuable. I am not condoning what happening, but it elicited emotion in people. And that’s a good thing if we could direct that energy.

It’s easy to only look at our own bubble, but recreational karting is hugely popular. We do often forget that.

I always think of recreational karting as “top of funnel”. That’s where a lot of the conversations and interest starts.

Another thing I’ve had to do is not get offended when it’s called go karts or go karting. I got over that about a decade ago :joy:

I’ll usually say “no, it’s karts” and they’ll be like what’s the difference? :joy:

I usually say that the recreational karting use go-karts whereas actual race karts are karts. Just so they can have a comparison between what they’re saying and what I am saying

I can remember as a kid at the end of a few Nascar races drivers running up to an opponent’s car and throwing a few punches through the window (helmets be damned). They took it a little more personal when they got punted!

It certainly improved the ratings as it always got highlighted on the evening news. Made you feel the excitement and passion those guys had. I think Nascar had to start fining the drivers to keep their brand more family friendly.

“Reality”/WWE antics would spike interest. Drama sells.

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Alan, can you produce this slide again with current data please?

Google Trends all there :slight_smile:

Thx am I doing this right?

Interesting divergence at the right end of the graph…

Karting same/mildly lower after 5 years, sim has taken off. Huge delta.

Change kart racing to karting and you see a bigger difference. The problem we have is ‘karting’ can mean a million different things. from mario to indoor to high end stuff.

That’s very different. They kissed in 2020, oddly. While karting searches plummeted, sim went up.

While it looks like the red line grew more, the blue did more overall, pretty sure.