CAN Output - Mychron5

Can a Mychron 5 be set up for CAN output? I can’t find the first screen in this doc

I believe you need the expansion box for CAN support.

I have the box, but can’t see a way on how to configure it to output data.

Oh, my bad. I’m clutching at straws here, but is a firmware update a possibility?

There is language that suggests it can in the site.

Image suggests as well:

I think what’s he’s saying is that the option is. It appearing in the menu as it should.

I should be up to date on the firmware and software. Thanks for the vid, I will watch it when I get home.

I feel like I looked into this before and the only ability it had with CAN was to talk with the smarty cam and the other devices listed in that picture.

I think you may be correct, the only sentence I found references smarty cam.

I looked at this a couple of years ago and in RaceStudio 3 it looked like there was a way to import your own CAN drivers to use custom sensors, but you’d have to write everything from scratch… not sure about Output from the actual unit itself