Can you identify this go Kart?

I am trying to identify this go kart. All I know is that the kart is a Honda, it is a one seater and the picture is taken in the 70’s.
I tried google searching Honda models in order to get a list of go kart per model or something similar. I couldn’t find anything. I also tried google searching via images.

Does anyone know how i can find the name of the model or does somebody have any information on this go kart?

I could really use some help from go kart enthusiasts!

Thank you!

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This ones intresting, I think the engines a Honda but not the kart itself. Doesn’t match most 60s and 70s go karts. I’ll see if I can find something

Home made? Was common in that era

Yeah I was gonna say that karts are kinda funny in that you might call the kart a Honda because it has a Honda engine but the chassis is either homebrew or from a kart chassis manu.

Engines are typically users choice, unlike cars.

If you are looking to make something g similar, you could probably accomplish your objective using a kid kart.

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I was also thinking it was homemade, that steering column angle and height seem a little weird. As for the engine I haven’t seen those engines on many old karts.

This go kart belonged to my mum and her sisters, i shared with my aunt your comments. she told me it maybe homemade but not really homemade cause she remembers it having a serial number of some sort on the chassis and motor. She also remembers it being shipped to them. I may be able to find it physically in a garage they left it back in the 70’s or 80’s even. I was wondering if it is worth the effort of searching for it. To my understanding it’s going to be hard finding it in this garage because the guy turned it into a full storage room.

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