Can you (or is it worth) getting a Rotax Evo fisched/blueprinted?

Guys, the evo engines can they be fisched or are there so little tolerances that one out the box is as good as any?

Depends on what you want to do. If you want to win national events then probably the extra 1/100ths it may be important.

They have freed up the bottom end from factory, which is all the blueprinting does. There have been instances where the crank is not perfectly aligned, that will make a difference. But that seems to be not as prevalent. And with the CNC barrel, they are pretty good even.

Most here in New Zealand ( and we have lots of rotax) just set the squish to what they want, check the reed block petals are set correct and send it.

I would run it first and see where it sits.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for that. I have a good strong old style KR barrel and I’ve just bought the upgrade kit, I’m trying to decided wether a new engine short motor would be better than my current. And if there is any benefit from one out the box or from someone as fisched.

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Get the 2018 cylinder, I’ve done a load of research on this and spoken to someone working for rotax directly. The 2018 senior cylinders are better than even the best old cylinders and they are all bang on the money…no need to worry purchasing a bad one.