Can you run a CR80 in Tag or is it Shifter only?

So this question may seem stupid, but can you run a cr80 in TaG? I have been looking at IAME X30 and Rotax but I’m just curious as to wether I can run this engine in TaG without a gearbox.

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Some clubs will let you run a CR80 against TaGs but others won’t. Running without the gearbox would be pretty hopeless, the powerband only runs for a 30% speed variation - it’s completely dead below 8100 and electronically shut off at 11900. Running in one gear if you have a straightaway that allows more than 60 MPH and a corner that drops you below 40 MPH you’re sunk.

I think the 2021 X30 obsoleted every one of its competitors. It is as close to the perfect kart engine as we’ve seen so far - starts reliably on the battery, responsive and powerful enough to use to chase down unskilled 125 and 175 shifter drivers, counterbalanced so it doesn’t shake chassis apart, light enough to allow a 43/57 weight distribution with most chassis, durable (12 hours on a piston, 24 on a bottom end), burns 91 octane gasoline and not much of it.

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Thank you for the info! I was considering the option of a cr80 due to my mechanics having experience with this engine, but it seems an x30 would be the best option.