Cannot get engine bike motor to start

I bought one of those too, it was good fun.

Need to know for sure whether you have spark, if that checks out, then move to fuel flow

I looked up how to check for a spark and it is sparking for fuel flow I help in a button on the carburetor and the gas/oil mix came out so that’s good

You need to confirm fuel and spark and air first…then move onto timing and other variables.

Pull the plug and see if it’s wet (smells like fuel). If so it may be fouled and start there. Is the mixture right, are there different jets for the carb, is there an air leak that’s causing mixture issue?

From there you need to ground the plug to make sure you’re getting spark. Ground it against the head or another un-painted surface and turn the engine over to make sure you see spark.

Then you have to determine if timing is in sync…on a 2 stroke it’s usually fixed and not a problem unless there’s an ignition module somewhere going goofy.

Then once it’s running pull the head and mill it to get more compression, put more base gaskets in it to raise the exhaust ports, trim the intake skirt on the piston to get more intake duration…then race your friends and let them wonder why yours goes twice as fast :slight_smile:

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Kill switch issue would have killed the spark so we can rule that out, fuel flow using the primer means thats good too. Id look at air fuel mixture. If youre getting nothing out of the pipe try richening it up. If that does nothing, the final thing to check would be the floats in the bottom of the carb to make sure they are not obstructed or bent and can travel up and down.

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Shouldn’t it just work after assembly

I suppose so, and since it doesent you could send it back. This advice is only good if you have any interest in working through the problem yourself. Good luck

not sure if serious…

it’s a carburated 2 stroke…it’s going to be finiky at best.

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Normally in this situation I’d be covering the air box to force the engine to run richer which often gets it started. No idea how to choke a bike engine though.

Does it seem like fuel is getting into the combustion chamber?
You could give it a teeny squirt of brake cleaner to see if it kicks.

These things are often sold under the assumption that the buyer is a mechanic. The upside is that if you get the thing running, you’ll have learned a ton.

Also… how did you find the forums? If you could add your last name to you profile that would be great.

It seems everything is hooked up correctly your all talking about stuff internally? and if so what specifically

Basically looking to see if fuel is getting into the chamber where the spark plug goes. When you tested for spark, did you remove the plug? If yes, was it wet or damp at all?

Brake cleaner wise: Open the throttle, give a little squirt in into the carb opening, close the throttle and try starting it.

Likely uses the bikes mechanical brakes

Yes I removed the plug and it did spark but it wasn’t wet or damp with any fuel. Should a spark plug get wet or damp?

I don’t know if this will help but I made a jank video of the motor

a wet plug, or one which smells like gasoline after trying to start is “fouled”. A wet plug generally does not produce a sufficient spark to ignite the air-fuel mixture.

That video sounds like the throttle is closed. Is there a choke? is it on? Are you opening the throttle to start it? Have you tried using starting fluid (ether)?

I think this is the choke but im not sure if its on or not I think the bottom means start so I kept it on that I was using throttle to attempt to start it to I haven’t tried starter fluid though

Have you tried turning it over with that lever in the up position?

We got it started my sister got some help from someone on facebook and they said to give it throttle before releasing the clutch and we figured out that the choke had to be up then once we were rolling put it down thank you all for trying to help

Yournwelcome. Have fun and wear a helmet!

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