Cannot get engine bike motor to start

(Tyler Shupp) #1


(Dom Callan) #2

Engine bike! Awesome.

(Tyler Shupp) #3

Yeah it would be cool if it started

(Dom Callan) #4

Dumb question but how are you supposed to start it? Is there an electric.starter or are you supposed to crank it over?

(Tyler Shupp) #5

Hold the clutch in get the tire spinning and release the clutch somethings gotta be wrong with the part installation right…? oh and give it a little throttle

(Dom Callan) #6 no electric starter. So like starting a car by pushing it.

Maybe one of the more engineer-y amongst us can ascertain from your pics what isn’t connected.

(Tyler Shupp) #7

Can gas/oil mix go bad if its left in an open container over night?

Also I appreciate you trying to help

(Dom Callan) #8

I know that it is not recommended to use gas/oil mix that has been sitting around. But they were talking months not a day.

(Dom Callan) #9

I am guessing that this is purpose built bike engine kit, not a repurposed kart engine?

(Tyler Shupp) #10

Yeah it was bought from ebay

(Dom Callan) #11

They mention a kill switch. It’s off correct? And no.signs of life at all? No attempt to turn over?

(Tyler Shupp) #12

The kill switch is a button so I believe it wouldn’t be on it is basically what this guy is having trouble with except my motor doesn’t have anything coming out of the exhaust

(Dom Callan) #13

Hmm. I am guessing that your best bet is to contact the seller and troubleshoot. Are you getting a spark at all?

(Tyler Shupp) #14

I have no idea if I am getting a spark

(Dom Callan) #15

Did you try a different spark plug?
Are all the wires attached where they should be?

(Tyler Shupp) #16

I am pretty sure it is all wired up correctly and the engine came with a spark plug and I just installed it with that one

(Dom Callan) #17

Hmm maybe send photos to seller and maybe they can identify

(Tyler Shupp) #18

I messaged the seller the same pictures I showed on this post and they still have not gotten back to me

(Dom Callan) #19

Good luck. Last thing. Is carb behaving? Flooded? Opening/closing?

(Tyler Shupp) #20

It shakes a lot when I attempt to start it I didn’t get a great look at it but it definitely shakes a lot