Carb leaking Briggs 206

My carb is leaking and it looks like it is coming from the area right above the where the bowl attaches to the body of the carb. I bought a rebuild kit do you think that will fix the problem

Engine model? Picture would be helpful. If the carb kit comes with a float bowl gasket, and the gasket is the problem, then that should fix the leak.

I will post a picture later. it is an LO206 engine.

It sounds like you might have a stuck inlet needle causing it to overflow. In any case, the bowl gasket is a good thing to replace while you’ve taken it off.


leaking from piece right behind the choke lever

This right here ^^

I bought a used 206 carb off a guy on facebook market-place and had this happen. it leaked fuel everywhere, so I took the bowl off and found a piece of debris stuck inside the inlet needle hole causing it to stay open the entire time.

If it’s leaking from the brass nipple by the choke lever it’s usually because the float bowl is pressurized. Make sure the black drain tube is unobstructed, make sure the hose is vented to its’ own catch can with plenty of venting. If not vented correctly to its’ own can the valve cover vent can pressurize the carb and push fuel through the top overflow vent.

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