Carb Spares Box

Hi Guys!

Is there any purpose made tool box for storing carb spare parts?

E.G. Jets, Emulusion tubes, needles, floats etc.

Ive been trying to find something either motocross or karting related.

Looks like a will have to settle for a small organiser box, but I just said I would post on here first.

To give you an idea, I would carry about 10 emulusion tubes, 5-8 needles, 10-15 jets, usually then 1-5 spares of every part thats in the carb also. So quite a large amount of carb spares.

I swear I’ve seen this a but can’t recall where.

I just use a small organizer from harbor freight. Will post a photo of my setup here shortly.

Respective compartments for individual main jets, with grouped compartments for large and small jets that are used less often. Compartments for inner pilots, outer pilots, needles, tubes, slide, reeds, and random accessories (clips, washers).

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Yes. Prospeed Kartsports makes it in New England.

PKT makes some great jet holders. I know that may not hold everything you want to hold. Keihin and Mikuni also make rubberized jet and needle holders.

Really depends on what you want to hold. You can’t beat little plastic totes in many cases.