Carbon tech brake pads

Anyone has experience witch carbon tech brake pads and would like to share their experience with them?

Nobody ran these pads?

I only run stock OTK pads. They give me good pedal feel and last a long time. No need for me to look elsewhere.

I’ve always been in the OEM brake pad camp. We played around with various aftermarket pads for the CRG brake system years ago and they never performed like the OEM pads. Since then I’ve always stuck with OEM, whether for CRG, OTK, Freeline, Sodi, KKart, etc…


Only time I would change pads to aftermarket is if the preferred pedal feel isn’t achievable on OEM pads. I know some guys prefer the Ferodo pads for OTK because the OTK brake feel is different in general.

But otherwise there isn’t really a need to chase down some special pad.

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Thanks for all your feedback.