Cargo Trailers

Been considering a cargo trailer to haul around my racing junk. I’ve seen a few youtube videos on guys setting up sleeping quarters in their trailers as well which is an interesting idea.

Anybody go this route? Never looked into a crago trailer before, so I’m not sure what I should be looking at opposite the total weight. I have an older 1/2 ton Chevy Tahoe that I use for towing.

Mine isn’t big enough for dedicated sleeping quarters (6 x 12) BUT the trailer is fully insulated, has heat, A/C, TV, small fridge and we carry a queen size air mattress with us that fits just fine in the trailer for when we either want to just lay down and relax or sleep in the trailer overnight. On those evenings I have a 10x10 canopy with 4 walls that we put outside the door and keep the karts and misc equipment in so that we can maximize the space remaining within the trailer. Not ideal but not bad.

This thread will give you plenty of ideas on what you want for a trailer and how to set it up

I hang hammocks from wall to wall in mine can sleep 4. Everyone who has slept in them prefers them to other alternative and they take up nearly zero space when not in use


My 6x12:

Kart Trailer