Caster or Camber for grip?

Make and model of chassis
Energy Kinetic (2014)
I need help with
Whether to dial in front end grip adjusting camber or castor.

What I’ve tried so far
So ive done a few test and tunes at my local track because that’s all we can do currently. I’m using old tires from last year. My best times when the track was grippy were set with one rotation of camber and about one box of neg camber on my snipers.

I just finished a session today where i kept everything the same but I removed the +1 castor** and set it neutral and found that I had no front end grip, the track was definitely greener than last time. The change in castor is pretty dramatic in terms of feel, and definitely harder on the arms/hands, but not to the point where I tire. I felt like I had more g’s being pulled through fast corners. Should I try and ad grip in the front by adding more positive camber first, and use castor as a dramatic change? Am I slowing myself down with the castor and the dramatic change in cornering forces, ie is looser faster?

So you were using one increment of negative camber, and you removed it and felt like you lost front grip?


Negative camber for slower rate of inside rear wheel lift, slightly lighter steering, pointier in fast corners.

Positive camber for heavier steering, more apex grip, slightly slower steering feel.

More caster for faster rate of inside rear wheel lift, sharper turn-in.

Less caster for slower rate of inside rear wheel lift, slower turn-in.

Looser is not faster necessarily, unless you are already experiencing too much “grip”. I think the first question you should ask yourself is, “what is the kart doing?” What are you trying to fix with the handling?

Camber is generally a pretty small change in the overall feeling of the kart, whereas caster is much more noticeable, as you said. I don’t really use camber to change the balance of the kart too much, I prefer to use it as a fine tuning tool to dial in the front end feel, after I’ve gotten the balance pretty close.

If you’re looking for more front grip, playing with track widths first is a good idea. It’s easier and there are less variables at play. When I’m making adjustments, I try to pick the adjustment that will have the least amount of side effects first. Things like caster or an axle change for example, will have several knock-on effects besides their primary effect.

Sorry @tjkoyen I made a typo.removing the increment of caster made my front end just feel like it was washing out. Thanks for the tips. I’m going back tomorrow and I’ll try to dial it in slowly. Front track width seems to be a double edged sword where wider makes it pointy on entry but pushes a bit more mid corner, and narrower seems to ad mid corner grip. That’s how it feels any how.