Caster trade-off (before and after the apex)

“Increasing the caster angle we point and turn faster into a corner but we lose traction at the corner exit.”
In summary, we improve the front-end grip to turn faster but we lose time after the apex as we need to wait for the inner rear tire to come back and touch the ground and stabilize to have good traction again.
Is that true? Anybody agree or disagree?

Caster makes the kart lift quicker on initial turn-in, but doesn’t necessarily make you lose traction on the exit.

It speeds up the lifting action as well, so will set the inside rear down quicker, thought not as harshly as something like a stiffer front bar.


Thanks for your inputs @tjkoyen
Do you believe we add some understeering after the apex of the corner when we add caster?

I’ve always thought that the more caster you have, the faster it lifts AND the faster it drops. But there are other things that influence the drop…

Here’s a great video that talks about “rate of lift”


If you add too much caster, yes it can cause exit understeer as it drops the inside rear too quickly, like it says in the K-Racer video James posted.

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