Central Arkansas Karting Complex

Seems this has been flying under almost everyone’s radar. Has anyone else picked up on this new karting facility getting built?


Looks like it was mentioned a couple of times but no details really.

Facebook post today has gravel laid out, planning for an August opening with club racing in 2024. Looks like a cool little layout


It is officially paved now. I have heard opening on the 15th, still have some work to do on the building, but the track is ready. It is pretty much the only kart circuit that I have seen in Arkansas. I have pictures/drone footage of the circuit if anyone would like.


Heck yeah. Throw em up here.

I forgot i can’t upload videos but here is the track, picture directly from the owner. also have some footage of the track being driven, looks very nice. direct feedback is the track is super grippy. i was worried they would have a DKC incident and the track drive like ice for the first year or so.


That looks like it’s gonna be fun to race. Fast, too.

very flowy from the videos i’ve seen. hopefully i’ll see some of y’all out there, as it’ll be my only race track for the first year or 2.

Thanks for the updates Cam, hoping they get some club racing going so I can make it a Race to 50 destination


I just wanted to give an update, I drove this track for the first time yesterday, albeit on rentals, and it is definitely going to be a great track for racing and hot lapping. The whole second half of the lap is super flowy. 2 hard braking zones and almost every corner is pushing the limits of if you go full throttle, you are dangerously close to going off. I am going to be driving KA100 and give another update after that. What I think is going to promote super close racing are the final 2 major corners, the long sweeping left followed by the long sweeping right, as there are multiple lines and both have advantages either on entry or on exit. and the final S is close to flat out in KA so basically the straight is nearly a continuation from the straight to the final long sweeping right. Very well setup and executed.


Would love to see Southwest Regional Cup Series or Texas Sprint Racing Series pursue adding an event up there. We already drove to Midland and Amarillo this year, so no way LR area is too far! :rofl: Just wonder if the facility could accommodate a 100-200 entry event?

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Which direction is the track ran?

It is clockwise. 20 char

They have big expansion plans. A separate building for owner karts, bleachers around the track, shaded areas for viewing. The owner is great and loves racing, so I am sure we will have a fun future for the track. I’ll keep the sub updated.


Update: Just drove the track, first time a KA100 has been on it, and 2nd time anyone’s been on it other than rentals. Around a 51 second lap with a KA on used tires and not tuned. I expect 48s or 49s to be the norm in a few months. I was going to get some more videos but I had an off on the straight where I was looking at mychron data and dipped a tire. got rocks and dirt in the carb and had to call it a day. But a super super super intense track, almost no time to rest, each corner feeds into the next. The straight is the only time you get a second to breathe. Kind of reminds me of the old DKC layout, just clockwise instead of counter. Super flowy as I predicted. Probably a bit hard to overtake with it being so technical. Very fun to drive but very very intense.