Chain breaker for o ring chain #219

Is there a chain breaker available for breaking the DID or RK o ring chain? If so, do you know where I can get one?


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Which chain? 219, 35?

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The chain is the 219.


If you are in USA cometkartsales, acceleration karting, kartshop usa, koene usa. Ts. Racing

I know the o rings are different from the regular one, but one of those sites surely has to sell one?

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I thought #219 wasn’t designed to be broken for our purposes. Not saying it can’t be done, but it shouldn’t be done. That’s what I’ve always been told?

I haven’t heard that, but that’s not to say it’s never been said.

You can certainly break a 219 chain to resize it, and it’s commonly done. When possible of course, best practice is to have a chain length that matches your needs and gives the adjustability you want for your desired gearing.

For an oring chain I can’t recall though.

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For an o-ring? I don’t think you can break those. On a regular 219 I regularly resize chains to have a good length for a couple different ranges of gear, o-ring should have different sizes available to get. Theoretically you might be able to break and reassemble an o-ring but I wouldn’t try personally.

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The o-ring chains are meant to be bought at the length you want to run them. Not for breaking. Generally used on the higher powered karts only, where the speeds overcome the friction losses at low temperatures.

Non o-ring 219 can be broken (and is most often done on 4-cycle - you wouldn’t run o-ring on a 4-cycle anyways because of the lower speeds).


Aaron and rob are right. Buy the length you need and don’t break. For non o-ring chain get the RLV breaker. Comet sells it. I have bought every brand and most are crap, but that RLV breaker is a dream. Eventually the edge on the tool will get worn and the side will start to bend out when putting chain back together… replace then. But they last quite a while, like several seasons, and there is no fiddling and fussing and breaking pins like with all the other crappy ones. Btw, we run DID HTZ non oring chains on everything except X30… and we have a teammate that even runs the HTZ in X30. If you use o-ring in anything with less power you are hurting your performance with no benefit imo.

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