Chain Lube

First season racing in senior rotax and out of curiosity what chain lube does everyone use? has anyone used Wurth dry chain lube? or do you stick to the more sticky chain lube?

what are your reasons why ?



I’ve tried many chain lubes, from DuPont dry chain lube to sticky paste. Over my time I’ve found the best is Motul Chain Lube Factory line, I find it’s more clingy than regular motul chain lube but doesn’t create such a big mess. I switched back to it from the DuPont chain lube, while the DuPont was nice as it attracted very little dirt and created little mess I found it didn’t provide as good protection. By no means am I endorsed by motul I just like their product. In the end though it can come down to where you race and what fellow racers use, most all the time if you use the same stuff other guys/girls are using you’ll be just fine. Again I’m not sponsored by motul but their factory line paired with chain clean is great. I apply the Lube after every run except if I forget (which happens a couple times) but I’ve never had any issues, and apply the chain clean at the end of the day. But I can’t speak to Wurth chain lube as I have never come across it.

Good info in these threads.

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For a Rotax Senior, would recommend using an O-ring chain. Then whatever chain lub you select, make sure it’s O-ring compatible.

Did you race karts previously or is this a first for that?

Typically TAG kart will run an o-ring chain but not strictly required. With that in mind, it may dictate which chain lube you use.

Personally, with a non-oring chain I switched to Bel-Ray Suoer Chain lube last year and was pleased with the results.

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I have settled on Motul as well. Well at least for now. I’m convinced that chain lube is to kart racer what fishing lures are to fisherman. Every time you go to the store and see the display rack you will convince yourself you a can of X and if you buy it you will be faster and better looking…

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first time for me, first race day on sunday coming! bought a few different to try over the next couple months

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Well that’s kind of a big deal. Have fun!

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I use this one, works well.

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I would second what Sahib T has said: Motul Chain Lube Factory Line seems to last very well in our Arizona heat. In addition, with the non-Oring chain I use, it allows the rear wheels to spin freely on the stand – almost as free as the fronts! This is on a VLR 100 with a (tight) 10 tooth front sprocket.

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I like the Xeramic chain lube personally, but I’ve found most to be pretty good. Running in Yamaha, I was told to coat the chain pretty solidly to reduce as much of the rolling resistance as possible.

Couple other things I learned was to spray the chain lube on the axle sprocket, so the lube gets both on the inside of the chain, where the teeth are contacting the chain, and also on the sides of the sprocket and inner sides of the links of the chain. This is important since when the kart flexes, the drive sprocket and axle gear don’t align perfectly. Having chain lube on the sides of the sprocket helps reduce wear on the chain.


ordered a couple different chain lubes to try out!

thankfully i dont have to worry about heat! i stay in scotland.


Good idea, I would recommend thoroughly cleaning the chain before switching to a different lube; while your testing each one to see which one you like. If you just keep stacking on different ones it will effect their performance and you won’t really be able to tell which one you like best.

If you’re ever stuck for something I whole heartedly recommend Wright Karts down south for parts and consumables. Amazingly helpful folks even to the point of taking a box of RK chain lub for me to meet one of our jets that happened to be stopping nearby for a few hours.