Chain tension wierd?

Hello! I was at the track last week and i was noticing that the chain at one point was really stiff had almost no play at all and when i rotated the axel it loosend up and was loose again? What is it that is causing all this? Bent axel? Bad chain? What do you guys think😀

Could be any number of things. On an outboard one-piece sprocket I would lean towards sprocket, axle and then carrier (I’m the order) unless you threw the chain recently… If you did throw the chain, I would put a new chain on anyway and then check the sprocket. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Could be many things, oval sprocket, poor chain, bent axle, bent carrier or in worst case crank could be out of true

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You may be running your chain too tight to begin with. I found with the recommended amount of +/-10mm of play, the chain would stretch unevenly. I haven’t measured it, but I would guess I added 4-6mm extra and I do not have that issue anymore. Chain has never popped off either. Microswift cadet class.

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Most cases I’ve experienced this with myself it’s because the chain was too tight and stretched. I’ve run a stretched chain no problem. How do the front and rear sprocket look?

Have the teeth gone very sharp or have they worn down at all?

If so then I’d look at either sprocket alignment or potentially the sprocket carrier is out of round (Just experienced that last week on mine). Maybe an axle but you can normally tell if an axle is bent on the stand when warming it up.

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I am in the midst of dealing with this myself. If I loosened the chain and then spun it around, I could see a section or two where the links were sticking and not fully stretching out. I am hoping that was the root of the problem, so I put a new chain on and have not run it yet. It certainly seems to spin more freely now

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Some chains just have tight spots as well.


I deal with this all the time and it’s sprocket carriers bending even from normal use. I deal with it until they get really bad then replace carrier and usually within 1-2 hours of use they are bent again.

Not sure if it’s my fat ass putting too much load on the kart or what but it happens on the regular, I just consider the carriers a wear item at this point.

The OTK carriers in particular are complete junk, I’ve had new ones that weren’t square. The Kart are public ones seem to be better at resisting the wear / warping.


So i had testing today and my dad helped me to change my rear sprocket, chain, And front sprocket, it solved the problem ! But im experiencing a annoying shaking im my steeringwheel on straights abobe 100km/h Idk what this can be, its like the steering wheel going like on my sim on asettocorsa on the straights its so annoying :frowning: any ideas

Sounds like the front wheels are out of balance or have a buildup of old rubber picked up from going off line.
There is a few good videos on YouTube of how to balance the front wheels, it’s pretty easy and can be done on the kart, just need some stick on wheel weights which most kart or auto stores should stock

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Check your front hub bearings. You can test by getting someone to hold the steering wheel hard left or right and then moving the hub/rim/tire to see how much vertical and horizontal play your bearings have

@ohasha @Whiterhino14 i put on some new rubber before the testing and they where balanced by my mechanic, My spindel hubs have minemal play bc i changed the bearing last month… Cant this have to do with something in the back of the kart? Or is it the bearings for sure… Look at this video on the end of the straight on the wheels and the whole kart and my hands are just shaking its not so noticible bc of the stabilisations but watch this from 5:14 and cuple of laps later almost everylap on the straight
Testing Järfälla Mk 2023 - YouTube

If you still have the inconsistent chain tension, check for a bent axle

EDIT: Sorry, I see above where you said tension is fine. Still, double check.

Check for play in the entire front end. If your hubs are good check for play in the spindle itself, the tie rod ends and the steering column. Double check its all definitely tight and replace any bearings or rod ends if necessary.

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Is this something new? Are they rims you have run before with no issue? You could have a defective tire (out of round) or bent rim that can be balanced, but still wobbles at higher speeds. If its a front wheel, you can spin it as fast as possible on the hub and look for any undulation of the tire or rim.

Any small variation will make itself known at higher speeds. Back when I was in the tire business, we would use a piece of chalk or wax tire crayon and a something long and rigid (like a metal ruler) braced against something stationary (a balance machine or in your case the kart frame or stub axle) to hold it steady as you move it closer to a surface. Side or tread. If it contacts only on some spots, but not others you have identified the issue. Most of the time it was a bent rim, but sometimes we would find a tire was out of round.

If its the rim, maybe don’t smash the big curbs so hard! :rofl:

Ikk i have 2 sets of race rims and 2 sets of testing… im going testing today but i tried 3 different sets od tires and rims but the issue still is there. Maby the SWE Lecont tire batch is just eggshaped idk from the side it looks like its round. And yes i can agree i have broken some rims on some shit track in sweden with a chicane that is like 1m betwen turns in 100kmh over some kerbs that are like 5cm tall :rofl: Ok but back to the problem what more could it be, yesterday i rebuit my brakes and i changed rear axel, Changes spindelbearings but i will see today if that helps if not idk what it can be, maby i will try another frame?

Do you feel the vibration more in the steering wheel or the seat? On the straights, loosen you grip on the wheel and see if it wobbles. That could help identify front or rear.

The other day during a practice session, I had a vibration starting about halfway down the straights. I came in thinking I had a bent axel, but found out I had broken one of the wheel studs on my rear hub and the other two nuts were getting loose. Having changed rims, I don’t think that is your issue, but maybe worth checking that all of studs are fully screwed in.

Its front defo. Its mostly hands… and generaly the front wheels. Talked with my dealer and mechanic and turns out that the tire batch this month is about 60grams out of balance. I only had 20grams of lead will se if it will get better tmrw

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Shit quality! New batch will arrive in May

Do you have the same problem with lecont SVC Prime ?