Chain won't clear motor mount

Hi all looking for some tips here.

Had to retro fit this mount so it would fit a haase kid kart chassis. We cut off the comer mount that came with it. Is there a chain guide they make that could be mounted to the mount??

Any ideas would be awesome!

Can you flip the clutch? It looks like you have the clutch outboard, but I can’t tell.


I don’t know the exact answer but I would think you could use some kind of roller type chain tensioner. I would just make a spring loaded tensioner personally using delrin for the roller but I know not everyone is in a position to just fabricate what they need.

If you can think of a way to make it look pretty, radiator hose will work well as a sacrificial layer that can protect the mount.

Do you have a more square-on pic of the setup?

Couple things to try. I can’t tell how much room is between motor and seat, but you can move the motor on the mount more towards the seat.

Just looking at the pic, seems like moving the motor towards the front might help a little, but moving the motor on the mount towards the seat should do it.

If your clutch is inboard, you can flip it to outboard.


Might not be your clutch, but Hilliard has a good diagram if you, or others, need an example of an inboard/outboard installation:

This came up on another thread, but I’ll re-state it here as it may help. You can flip the bottom plate 180 degrees and offset the motor mount outward more. This will allow you to move the engine in a few holes on the top plate and get the chain clear of the top plate. Might be worth trying out in this scenario.


Thanks for all the tips! Tonight I will try to flip the clutch inboard as that would be the easiest fix. I was just a little worried about how close the sprocket comes to the seat but I think it will be fine! I appreciate the tips. Especially that diagram! This is my first time messing around with a 206!

Do you have a pic that shows your clutch position? If the only change you are planning on doing is switching your clutch to INBOARD, that’s not going to work.

Yeah I can get more pictures! After work tonight I will get a few and upload them.

He’ll also have to slide the rear sprocket inward by an inch or so of course, but that should be enough to clear the mount without having to move the engine position.

Just to be clear inboard means sprocket next to engine AFAIK.

That is an inboard sprocket / outboard clutch. An inboard clutch means outboard sprocket. According to the Hilliard link posted above.

EDIT: doing a quick search, it seems like the default noun is the sprocket. In other words, if you say “inboard” without referring to the clutch side or sprocket side, the sprocket is assumed. When I say “outboard clutch” that means clutch away from the engine. That might be confusing, so I’ll stick with referring to the sprocket instead from now on.

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Can’t see any reference to inboard/ outboard clutch, just sprocket, " inboard " sprocket next to engine?

Yeah, that’s why I added my edit. In my head, I liked referring to the clutch until I realized how confusing it is that the clutch and clutch assembly are two different things. Referring to the sprocket makes the most sense. Just my previous comments on this thread were in reference to the clutch (and I tried to make sure I said clutch). I’ll start referring to the sprocket instead from now on, just my newness showing, haha

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Here are a few more pics

not sure what that clutch is, but you should be able to flip that clutch around, sprocket away from motor, and problem solved. obviously, you’ll need to reposition your sprocket on the axle, and check to see if the shoes in the clutch need to be flipped.

if you have the time, i’d still look into whether you can flip the mount plate as fatboy1dh mentioned, and just move the motor closer to the seat side of the mount. then you don’t really have to mess with the clutch, just where the motor is positioned. there seems to be a decent amount of space from the clutch to the seat, so you have room to move towards the seat, with the clutch as is.

Got it flipped and it clears! Thanks for the help

Looks good, did you have to flip the shoes/internals inside the clutch?

No i didnt. I checked with my engine guy and he said I didnt need to worry about that.

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