Challenge: Can we come up with 100 Reasons to go Kart Racing?

I’ll start off with a few I found in a post I made a while ago. These can be expanded into several as well I think.

  1. It’s a way for top “professional” drivers to stay sharp and or hone their skills.
  2. It’s a way to play and tinker with motors and chassis.
  3. It’s a great way to spend time with your kids forming invaluable memories
  4. You’ll develop valuable new skills.
  5. Karting is one of the most immersive ways to challenge yourself mentally and physically
  1. Great way to rid yourself of some money (specially the two stroke guys and gals)
  2. Motivation to work on fitness
  3. Opportunity to learn some engineering
  4. Opportunity for employment, as a team mechanic or for a kart company
  5. Medium for materials development and other experimental technologies (concept could be applied on smaller scale before being moved to automotive/ larger motorsport applications)
  6. Improves your regular driving (input control, timing & coordination, reaction time, hand eye coordination, spatial awareness)
  1. Karting is the foundation of any motorsport.
  2. You learn how you control your emotion
  3. Karting teach you to never underestimate your opponents.

1: if you have to exercise you might as well have fun doing it and avoid gyms altogether. Karting is serious cardio and is also very physical and works muscles well.

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16: Fun activity outdoors that most people dont know about (i.e. great conversation starter)
17: You’ll quickly learn the skill of realizing “what’s done is done”
18: Beer

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19 - Motivation to lose weight or at least maintain weight so I’m not over my class weight.

20 - Its like a R/C car you can actually sit in and drive

  1. New Friends with driving skills and intelligence. The karting community is the best.
  1. Life lesson: Can’t win unless you finish.
  2. Meet and mingle with those with the same common uncommon interest.
  3. Sharing on KartPulse.

Makes a dull life interesting.

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