Changes Micro Swift to Mini Swift

Next year will be new to 2-stroke racing - my cadet has 3 years under his belt in LO206, plan to run both next year for his last year before moving up to Junior.

Our club had a small Micro Swift 3-4 kart grid last season, and no Mini Swift - was the first year of a Swift class. Half of those drivers are open to running Mini next year, the other half not… so it is unclear at this stage which of the classes my little dude will be in - although I’d prefer it to be Mini Swift given that is in alignment age-wise with what he’d race at other tracks outside of our club.

So… at this point I don’t know if I need a Swift set up for Micro or Mini class. And that had me wondering what the differences are in engine setup outside of the restrictor. What do you need to change to take a Mini and make it a competitive Micro? Carb Settings? Timing? Anything else?

If I buy an engine set up for Mini but end up having to run Micro locally, can I just buy the restricted exhaust header and a blueprinted Micro carb from Comet and let it rip?

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The timing and carburetion are different. Swifts are incredibly sensitive to carburetion, so it’s difficult to buy a carb that has not been tuned with the specific engine and expect it to be on the money. For best performance the baseline settings need to be set with both together.

Appreciate your insight, thank you.