Channel for Rotation Speed at Race Studio

I was trying to find a way through data analysis to identify when we have oversteer or understeer scenarios and I tought that with a math channel within Race Studio calculating rotation speed we can try to figure out if the kart is facing hard times to rotate (understeer) or it is rotating too quickly as a demonstration of oversteer.
Anybody has already created or seen a math channel to calculate rotation speed?

I think Race Studio has this, if you have GPS.


GPS Heading is the angular displacement from the 0 degree reference heading. GPS Gyro is the angular yaw rate or rotational yaw speed in deg/sec. Maybe overlaying GPS Heading data from another kart might yield something interesting.

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I thought this question before and planned to make an experiment to caculate the understeering or oversteering angle.
You can find a channel GyroZ, which read from an embeded gyroscope. You can overlap it to GPS_Gyro channel, which is calculated result from GPS data, and you will find they are almost the same except around the apex.

They shoudl be almost the same if there is no understeering and oversteering. But why are they different around the apex? So I wrote to Aim and he gave me the answer: because we mount MyChron5 on the steering wheel and the difference is induced by we moving the steering wheel. So if you mount MyChron5 on fixed chassis, I believe you can get the understeering or oversteering angle according to their difference.

Why I didn’t continue my experiment because I improved my body feeling about understeering angle and oversteering, so I don’t need the data.

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