Chasis straightening

Does anyone know where I can get a chasis straightened in Southwest Ohio? I have a Margay 2 cycle chasis that I would like to get straightened.

I would have to believe someone at MCC would have a chassis table that could handle this

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Shawn has a table in his shop (at MCC). I’ve had him straighten a frame before and he does a nice job.

This is good to know. Both of our karts need to be checked after some over enthusiastic moves by other drivers at the street races (Elkhart and Clyde) we ran in this year. :scream: :upside_down_face:

Can confirm Shawn has a nice chassis table and alot of experience using it.

I would certainly give him a ring if you need a chassis checked/tweaked.

+1 for MCC did one of my frames a few years back

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