Chassis advise

First to give you some context, I am in Australia, in juniors ka4 going to ka3 in senior or junior. I am running a 2016 or 2015 s55 tb kart and have decent pace. I am looking to upgrade to a newer kart now as alot of karts are for sale cause it the end of the season but I am a bit stuck on what I should get or even get anything at all.

Should I go complete brand new or something in good condition a season old. I’m my mind I’m thinking used because it will be better value for money.

Then should I go with a arrow chassi(which I have heard aren’t that good if you want to be fast, they are stiff) or a European chassi. Arrow are cheaper to keep on the track but are more expensive second hand.

Also can anyone share some info on how much team cost and what teams are good because then I can think of joining a team and getting their chassi. I heard brm are good, also what chassi do they use?.

Also are there any tb kart user and what would you say about the newer chassis.

Thanks in advance. Also its my first time posting here please tell me if i did something wrong.

I’d say see what’s out there, and if something a year old for a good price then jump on it. Being young, I’d avoid purchasing new, but thats just me. Who is financing your racing?

A bunch of us are still really fast with our early 2000’s Arrow AX9 4S chassis that are stiff as stiff can be… :man_shrugging:t2: Mind you this is 206 racing, but when someone says stuff isn’t fast, they aren’t quite 100% right.

I have always had used karts for my son and I but we are just racing club events. Over the years upgrading to newer used karts. If your kart is sound/straight and working properly its probably fine. Switching brands will increase your costs as all the spares you have may not work and you have to learn a new chassis. I have also come to learn age is less of a concern then condition and the karts history. You could buy a weekend-old chassis that is worn out or a several-season old chassis that is like new.

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One of the most important factors is making sure you can get parts and support for whatvever kart you buy. This varies by region. If you buy used make sure tge chassis is straight. Buying used is a great option as long as you can make sure you get something in good shape.

Hi Japleen if im not mistaken your from Perth WA?

if that’s correct the options you have for teams are basically the following

Flatout Karts - most of their customers are on Arrows or Kart Replublic/FA/WPK

Eurotek - Tony Kart and OTK

Bsport - a mix of Chassis


Kartforce - KF Kart (birel)

there are a couple of small outfits as well but they are the big ones in WA

The question on chassis is the hard one they all work - Arrow, KR, BRM and OTK all won state titles last weekend down in Bunbury in with different teams. id suggest you speak to the teams about cost and then determine what you think is the best value for you and what your are trying to get out of karting.

Just a note: I run with Flatouts and have done for the last 7-8 years so that would be my recommendation to talk to Greg and Sam. I also have a 2022 KR for sale at the moment.