Chassis build cost?

Hi I’m located in Australia and going to KA3 senior. the chassis in the picture is a 30mm 2021 KZ/Tag Chassis and has been used for 3 race meetings, he is also after $500. How much do you think it would cost to make this race-ready(excluding the engine package and rims) and would you recommend getting this kart? This is not my first kart but an upgrade, my current kart in a 2016-2015 tb kart s55. Thanks in advance

It is pretty unusual to sell a bare frame with only a few races on it. Has it been bent?

To half answer your question, a lot. I don’t have the exact costs for you but it will quickly add to be a big chicken. Assuming you are buying good quality magnesium stuff you will be near or over US$1000 just with the wheels and hubs.

You can buy a nice complete 3 race old kart for $2800-3800.

Hard to put a number on it because it really depends on how and where you find the parts. New vs used etc. Not worth the time or energy unless your primary interest is to rebuild a kart by sourcing the parts vs driving the kart.


You’d probably be better off finding a complete roller versus just the set of tubes. Sourcing the parts individually will likely cost more and take more time to get running compared to a lightly used roller.