Chassis identification

Good evening everyone. I have looked through all of the pages to no avail. So with that said I’m trying to find out that brand and model my chassis is

Correct number of drift karts. One for each pup and also, you. :grinning:

Can’t help with ID but I do like the attention to detail. Nice looking vehicles.

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I just realized I posted a pic of my dogs also SMH

Oh, thats not unusual, here.

If you happen to be an artist and do any kArt, I have a thread for that.

If you want to post karting pictures or anything like that, you can do so. Race pups are almost a must.


I do sim drifting and racing also with Kart fun. I also do R/C and build plastic models to many hobbies :joy:


You can edit the post and remove the doggos if you like.

They are fine it was just comical for me

Front bumper looks to me like an early-90s Bandit.