Chassis Purchase - New vs. Used

As I’ve stated elsewhere I jumped into karting this year with a rather old setup just to get my feet wet. In looking ahead I’ve gotten serious enough about it that I’m getting into proper shape and would like to buy an upgraded chassis. I’m not running national level stuff but want to continue on with something a little more fresh.

Is there a buyers guide that I’ve not seen that’s floating around that lays out the decision of new vs. used?

What are the advantages of buying new vs. buying used. Obviously with new you know that there’s no history or stories that come with the kart, you know it’s never been bent badly and fixed, but with most chassis being $4-5k that’s a big number for someone doing this for fun and not on the national level. What other benefits are there to a new setup? Do they come with seats and or setup help from the dealer? Is there another benefit I’m missing.

It seems like a 1-2 year old chassis is the best buy but often finding exactly what you want with a seat that fits seems to be pretty few and far between as well. That’s fine and all but if you start adding up aged components that may or may not need replaced (bearings, seats, wheels that aren’t true, etc then it represents less of a value.

Curious to understand more on this topic


I am unaware of a new vs used buyers guide but we may have to put one together!

Advantages of New: It is clean, pretty, and everything you mentioned above. Are you racing 206? If so chassis are a bit cheaper closer to the $3k price point new. New chassis typically respond better to chassis setup changes when you are trying to tune them. Parts are easier to find (New vs 10 years old, parts will still be easy to get for 1-2 year old chassis). New chassis are typically sold with everything except tires and the engine (seat included, rims included).

When going used it is a good way to save money. I would recommend buying from someone with a reputation. A business like ourselves, or really anyone that has a common name in the karting world will never do you any wrong to make sure their reputation is not hurt. Also dealers will typically have your newest, best priced used chassis. For example for a 206 kart we are selling 6 month old, 2018 chassis for $2k. You can always find a better deal with a public sale though on a 1-2 year old kart. The question is if you think you are able to spot the issues. If you met with someone could you notice if bearings, wheels, ect… need to be replaced? That will help you determine if the kart is overall a good buy.

My recommendation is that if you know how to spot the issues in a kart by locally and inspect the kart before you buy it. If there is not anything local that you want do not be afraid to buy a kart unseen but you probably want to buy it from a business or someone with a name in the karting world.

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I bought my first karts recently. I went with used chassis for my son and a new one for me. I honestly can’t tell a difference between my new new one and the one I used the prior year (2017 compkart).

I would get a used one. Look under the frame at where the tubings intersect near the engine for cracks and check the bottom for flat spots. If it has frame protectors (plastic bits that protect tubing) that would be ideal. That means it’s likely they have paid attention and it’s not scraped up.

Edit: likebthe gentleman above said, buy from someone reputable. The guy I bought mine for reps compkart and ever year partial karts trade hands between his clients as people upgrade or whatever.

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@PhoenixKartRentals I’m running KT100’s.

Thanks for the info I appreciate it

I just jumped into karting this year as well, and I bought a used chassis. However, I purchased mine from a reputable shop. I would not deal with anything you see on the likes of Craigslist or OfferUp or anything like that. Deal with an establishment that will provide recourse should anything come up. I was able to stay below 3k and still got a quality kart complete with seat setup. So I’d advise you to ONLY deal with a reputable dealer that sells new and used chassis.