Chassis scaling

(Christopher Ramnauth) #1

Hey guys,

I’m gonna be scaling my kart soon but I want some recommendations on levelling my scales prior to conducting the job.

Ensuring all the scales are 100% level relative to each other is critical in doing this properly and I don’t have access to a professionally jig that can level each pad individually and it’s also very hard to find anywhere with a floor that is 100% level.

That being said, what have you guys come up with to shim the scale pads to get them all level relative to each other?

(Don Westlie) #2

Depending on the size of your scales you can use vinyl flooring squares to level it out. Best thing to do is have a set of scale stands that you can level each corner. Can usually find for a few hundred. Though just leveling on the garage floor as mentioned first will work just fine.

(Christopher Ramnauth) #3

A few 100 for something I’m only gonna do once every couple years isn’t bery practical for me.

I need something thay won’t compress under the weight of the kart, there must be some neat ways guys have gone about. Im thinking the vinyl will compress

(James McMahon) #4

A lonnnng time ago I put four ceramic flooring tiles in leveling compound and leveled them all relative to each other.

Not quite what you are asking for, but it’s a way for one to get there if they don’t mind a a few tiles raised up off the floor in the garage.

(Christopher Ramnauth) #5

James this is exactly what I’m asking for…ways and methods guys have used to get them level without a professional jig. Your suggestion sounds good… maybe others can share as well and we can all exchange ideas.

(Don Westlie) #6

I used the really hard industrial style vinyl squares that you would see in schools or businesses. They are thinner than the ceramic. Both will work.