Chassis Setup Changes Senior to Master weight (LO and KA)

For KA and LO what might be the typical chassis changes one would try when moving from Senior weight to Masters?

I’ll be adding approximately 35lbs to each kart.


I personally don’t have any prescribed setup changes I make when adding weight to bounce from KA/X30 senior to masters aside from adding 2-3 teeth on gearing. I usually just try to distribute the new weight as evenly as I can and then tune around whatever the conditions of the day are the same way I would if running at senior weight. One thing to note though is that the extra ballast in itself does give you some additional tuning options - move more of the weight up on the seat to increase jacking, or move weight forward or backward to alter the overall balance.

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Thanks Jake, and I’m assuming this is the same Jake Feder that races at AMP?

If so, I’ll just walk about 50 ft from my garage to yours😆 and get info that way!!

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Haha yep that’d be me! See you Saturday!

Shouldn’t be too much difference. Jake made a bunch of good points.

When we used to run Senior Light (320 lbs) and Senior Heavy (360 lbs), there wasn’t much change in setup but the kart felt noticeably freer in the light class.

Typically it’s a tooth or two on the gear and that’s it.

Agree with all the above. Senior to Masters in back to back weekends at Pitt and all I did was go up 2-3 teeth.

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How did you decide which weight to remove? I’m signed up to run at Elkhart and I’m going from Ignite Masters at 370 lbs to CIK Masters at 385 lbs repeatedly. I want to make it as quick and easy as possible!

Personally, I added about 30lbs and had a 6lb under the crotch of the seat, 3lb under the left leg seat tab, 6lb on the left side of the seat, and 15lb on the rear of the seat (mainly on the left side). I try to keep it in the areas so the center of gravity stays similar and favor the left side of the seat as the engine is on the right hand side.

If I had to remove only 10lbs, I would likely take 5lbs off the rear of the seat and 5lbs off of the left hand side. Under the crotch area would be my last piece of lead removal. As Jake said above you can play with moving the weight around a bit to fine tune the balance or jacking, but I don’t seem to notice a huge difference with 5lbs here or there.