Chassis setup for TCKC

Hi guys,
Any setup recommendations for tckc for the Padholder weekend April 29-May 1st? I’m running a 2020 Italkart Laguna Black SE in Junior 2 LO206. Wondering if I should run my stiffener bar, toe caster camber, tire pressures etc. According to weather reports it seems like it will be dry as well.

Its a brand new surface and a brand new configuration so i suspect theres not much information out there. The only testing on that configuration is this weekend.


Oh right, I forgot that they resurfaced the track. I’ve heard the surface is very lumpy so I assume a softer chassis setup will help.

You’ll be to gripped up if you soften. Bumps are meh especially in 206.

Just make it as free as you can and enjoy