Chassis Too Narrow For Seat?

In another thread I had posted that I was having issues with getting tossed out of my kart and the universal response was to get a wider and deeper seat. I bought a Ribtect seat and today I went to mount it and found that my seat uprights are too narrow to mount the seat. One of the seat uprights can slide on the frame, but even when pushed against the chain guard it’s still too narrow to mount the seat by a significant margin.
Do I cut and re-weld the post?

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Bend the left side over. An axle slid behind it to let against the frame does the trick. Go slow.


Totally normal to have to pound or bend the seat stays out for larger seats. Burpo’s technique is spot on.


@tjkoyen @CrocIndy my wife suggested the Clarkson method, but I was like, “no, that can’t be right.” Currently she is sitting next to me with full smug-face, and has declared “her genius generates gravity.”

Thank you both :slight_smile:


I know every kart shop owner has developed his technique to not break frames when bending the seat struts with an axle, but I don’t trust myself to smoothly plastically deform a frame like this without suddenly applying too much force and not being able to back off quickly.

I use the scissor jack from a car and a wood block.


I always add heat mid bar to bend at the pipe not the weld. (Oxy torches)

I’ve also been told not to bend the right seat stay.

I wouldn’t heat up the strut to bend it, as it might change the material properties. I doubt that this would change the chassis response but it’s an unknown.

“Her genius generates gravity” That. Is. Classic. Imma steal that one. :laughing: Also +1 for the Clarkson method.