Chassis type for KA100


(James Lundberg) #1

Question for those who have been racing KA100 this past year… Do you prefer a standard TAG/X30 chassis? Or a 4-stroke specific one?

I see some of the 4-stroke chassis also being marketed towards the 100cc classes… but I can’t help but think that KA is closer in speed to X30 than 206.

If you were getting into KA100 with a new chassis, what would you lean towards?

(TJ Koyen) #2

I haven’t seen any 4-stroke chassis used in KA. It’s all been standard TaG/X30 CIK karts. Most sprint guys run CIK stuff in Yamaha and that’s closer to 206 in speed than KA is. KA isn’t much slower than TaG.

No question, I would go with a standard 2-stroke CIK spec kart.

(James McMahon) #3

The concept behind four-stroke specific chassis is more down to budget and a couple of ergonomic tweaks rather than chassis construction/handling differences to accomodate your typical inboard drive OHV engine.
For example, they may come with a simpler camber/caster adjustment system, come conventional wheels and bearing carrier materials, different rear cross bar position, different seat bracket, inboard drive key on the axle.

With the KA100 potentially being a two stroke budget option, those same chassis models for “four stroke” are sometimes offered as a KA100 chassis.

So, I wouldn’t rule one in, or out based on them being used (Marketed) as a four stroke chassis.

More info on four stroke chassis (still sounds like an oxymoron to me :smiley: ) here:

(Peter Zambos) #4

That’s going to change depending on which chassis brand you were thinking of using. Some definitely have been using their model that was deemed appropriate for X30/TAG. Some have been going the route of a chassis with a narrower gauge of tubes, going as far as using their 4 cycle model. So, as with most questions regarding karting, the answer is “it depends.” Even if you’re going the route of a used frame, it’s worth the time of talking to the local dealer of the chassis brand that you’re considering, and let them point you in the right direction.

(James Lundberg) #5

Thanks for the responses guys.

I guess my question sort of revolved around whether or not the (typically) softer 4-stroke chassis were appropriate for KA100… or if a normal X30 chassis was the ticket. Ive seen photos online of people racing KA on the Compkart 4R and the Birel/Ricciardo AM-29.

@KartingIsLife , thanks for the link… that thread addresses a lot of my questions.

(Eric Gunderson) #6

Both the 4R and the AM 29 aren’t used in just 4 stroke racing. A soft chassis is tunable, as is a stiffer chassis. The ultimate answer you’ll get is “either is ok,” if you’re willing to put in the time to set it up properly.

(Paul Montopoli) #7

Buddy of mine just tested a Compkart 4R with a KA at GoPro. He said it was very quick, he liked it but the small brakes were probably not enough for his needs.

(Peter Zambos) #8

After running a 4R all season, I must respectfully disagree. :slight_smile: