Cheaper Speedos?

Are there any cheaper speedos other than Mychrons?
I really can’t afford $500 on a speedo.

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Check the used market for a mychron 4. There are others but I almost ever see them in real life in the US.

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Are you looking specifically for something that logs speed, or a lap timer?

If it’s just a lap timer and rev counter you need, you could even use a MyChron3 which I would guess is around $150 or less these days.

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Thanks. I found a MyChron5 for $85, ( is it a scam?

I’m not even going to click before I say it’s not legit.


Absolutely it’s a scam. Check for mychron 4’s and even 3’s. I had a buddy pick up a 3 for $20 at a swap meet.

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Name of the site is, What could possibly go wrong?

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It is 99.9% probable that any offer on the internet for something that is waaaay off its normal price is a scam.
They are interested in your CC number or something. It’s basically a phishing attempt, I’d imagine.

Used is your answer. I’m not sure wether being in Singapore? complicates this. Is there a swap thing like Craigslist you can follow?

There’s an older alfano on EBay for 150 from Salt Lake City. Not sure if you have complicated VAT or anything.

The Mychron5 is a datalogger, not a speedometer, which is why it costs what it does.
But if you’re going to just use it as a speedometer, just look for a Mychron 4 or 3. You can find those for super cheap now.

As an alternative, I recommend just doing without! Listen to the sound of the engine, feel the head to make sure it’s warm, watch the kart in front exit the corner to see if you’re pinching the exit or geared too tall - my first suggestion to fix a driving issue is to just let the driver drive.

Oh I see. Yeah I just need a speedo. Thanks a lot!

You do have a point. But it’s also nice for me to know the time.

Oh I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thanks for ur advice. That Alfano seems good to me