Christmas Fireplace Stories. Capt. Jack Mclure and his Turbonique-Rocket Engine Kart!

Well thats one of my favorites .

A true legend with balls of real steel excuse me the words … Its a story like a fairytale that i like to said to the others with a lot of details and when they start saying to me . stop this is all lies … im giving them the expression " ok lets start the video show ladies and gens "

meet the daredavil everest !

capt jack and his rocket kart .

The engine was produced somewhere around 1960 in a small company called turbonique and the power produced is magnificient ! but …
a dangerous error in that engines circle of life was a fatal one … if you press the pedal to the metal and then getting scared and lift for a bit … but then trying to go back to full throtlle … well most of the times the engine was transformed into a bomb behind you and almost for sure kills you …

So after some serious accidents the boss of the small factory turbonique got himself in prison ! for the sale of this dangerous but so fast engine . The turbonique engines using rocket fuel and i will post some more info for all of as to see what you can actually buy legal and try to race it in the 60s …

well …that dangerous stories never stop Captain Jack from racing and sometimes wins cars with huge engines all over the country in a lot of drag races on his gokart . And if you check him , he is still available for another round of heavy heperoxide fuel drag pass , if someone calls him and invite his team .

that man is beyond 95 years old now but can still sent it !

A fantastic story and a national treasure for me . I could write pages and pages , but its better to bring some great articles and video for Captain jack here . GOD bless the man .

marry christmas to all you lads !

look at that amazing pass in 2014 !!

more jack here …

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I did not know that he actually bought the engine and that it had a history of blowing up. It’s a great story!