CIK FIA and chassis age

I recently had a discussion with a fellow karter that has a chassis with a CIK FIA tag that ends in 14 (49/CH/14 to be specific). He was told the chassis is a 2019. My understanding of this certification tag is that the number at the end is the date the current certification expires and the manufacture has to recertify every so many years. Since this chassis has a 14 it would have to be older than 14 (although it might have been unused till 2019).

So, do I have this correct?

I think a little confusion.

It’s a 2014 chassis that’s homologated through to 2019. Homologation is valid for 5 years unless extended by FIA/CIK.

So I have it backwards? The year on the tag is the year homologation starts not the year it ends?

If that is true could it be any year between 2014 and 2019?

CIK/FIA 49/CH/14 is a Kosmic Mercury chassis originally homologated at the end of 2008 and valid for 6 years from Jan1 2009 to 31 Dec 2014.
The dated homologation document can be viewed by putting the number as above into Google.
However homologations often get extended without changing the homologation numbers so the actual date of manufacture cannot be determined from the plate.
Apparently OTK are forthcoming with the actual date if contacted.
For the 2018? season onwards the system for new homologations changed and there is no longer a number indicating any date on the plate. The first number now shows the manufacturer (all OTK products are 012) .The last number is a number chosen ‘at random’ to identify the particular homologation.

So I found another thread on this subject. If I understand correctly the last number is the end of the homologation, at least on chassis prior to 2019. Does anyone know that if a manufacture extends certification is that year to year or another 5 year period?

New chassis homologations take place at 3 year intervals so I would expect an extension to be valid for 3 years.
I don’t think there is any limit on the the number of extensions.
It may be that a manufacturer will go on producing karts to an expired homologation without an extension given that there is rarely any requirement for a currently homologated chassis.
Truth is that CIK/FIA / manufacturers /traders don’t seem that keen on having the date of manufacture/ first sale on the kart…
Edit .Homologation 49/CH/14 is showing as extended to end of 2020.

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One some manufacturers as otk for example you are able to estimate the year by the parts which are eqipped

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