CIK-FIA looking to ban engine warm up in the pits

You can drive it at less than 100 but I wouldn’t hammer on it. When I run water-cooled I get it to 100 on the stand in the pits, it’s usually 85-90 by the time I get to the grid and go out, and then I just run the warm up lap with my arm over the radiator and it’s easily 100+ by the start.


What’s tKart going to do for content now? Half their videos are guys in aprons revving KZs on stands. :joy:


I agree, engine heaters - especially on cold days - are great. Of course, everyone here with a generator has the crazy loud ones - louder than the kart engines - to run their air compressors, TVs, A/C, etc. I’d think a noise limit ban (only quiet style generators) would help.

Do European tracks have electrical outlets readily available?

At some tracks like Kimbolton in the UK running engines in the pits is a big no no. always has been. I hear that Motorsport UK might be imposing a similar kind of ban.

No one is timing an outlap so why the need for excessive warming I am not sure. Under load the engine gets up to temperate pretty quickly. I raced Formula As in the middle of winter with freezing temps. Not once did I warm the engine up. There might be a tiny performance benefit I admit (thought not a fan of unloaded running), but if no one can do it, then everyone is in the same boat.

It’s a sure fire way to f*ck your hearing that’s for sure. Last year was the first year I can remember when being at the track was a physically unpleasant experience. I don’t want to have to wear earplugs all day

I’d rather there be a decibel max on generators. They’ve done far more to disrupt the peace than the occasional throttle jockey. :slight_smile:


I’ve never heard of authorities cracking down on noise. I’m stoked that this is being discussed and in some places, actually done. The modern word is stupidly, insanely loud simply because too many people aren’t considerate enough to care.

The sooner this sport goes electric the better.

Hey now, don’t be hatin’ on my ICE!

Mark my words sonny, You’ll end up in goal or in skid row if you keep using ICE! You need to kick that shit out the door!

you may have missed the joke.

Ear plugs aren’t as good as ear muffs for me. Easy to pop on and look more Nascar, Top Fuel and F1. You know the Pinnacle of Racing look.

The best is ear plugs with muffs over for sound protection. The bone behind your ear does actually pick up sound. If you aren’t familiar with dB ratings they are not a linear rating and are a power ratio. So a small number difference can be big. Having shot competitively for a few years I am not a fan of loud guns, but it is what it is. It is pretty hard to have a line of .30-06s putting out 150 rounds in 70 seconds and not have to wear ear protection.

I don’t like to rev on a stand. Some of it doesn’t seem good for the engine and brakes. Plus with no load (G’s, driver weight & aero drag) you still aren’t under real world conditions.
3 basic problems personaI safety issues I see:
Noise, Exhaust and debris.

I don’t think many people give a lot of consideration for debris possibly coming off of a tire. It is just something I am aware of. In general safety glasses seem underrated when working on karts.

On some mornings I have found the oil smoke more of a problem than the noise during the initial startups.

I think getting to the root cause of real problems is always the best approach. This seems sort of a band aid approach. I guess they have to start somehow.

It probably won’t affect me. But what a pain not being able to start up an engine at a race to test it. I am talking about just cranking it to confirm it starts. I don’t enjoy listening to excessive revving either. I guess some can’t help themselves though.

I do like the concept of engine warmers, even without a ban on where to start an engine. Seem a more efficient manner and could save some engine life/fuel.

Humor = Risk = Know your Audience
I didn’t get it, but I’m not a “Joint Popper” and don’t get many drug references. I assume ICE is a drug. Then I googled it - Crystal Meth. I am kind of fascinated by “white trash” though, from a distance.
( another risky attempt @ humor)

ICE = internal-combustion engine.

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Agree. My audience was James so that seemed pretty low risk.

As to the white trash reference - no clue what you’re talking about mike.

I hope some light banter between james and I hasn’t gone off the rails somehow.

White trash = main consumers of crystal meth. I live in a town where we were historically looked down upon as low class and white trash by others, as a way to make themselves fell better about themselves. Some of here are actual white trash, the rest of us are just viewed as WT.
Nah man, I get you were joking about a double meaning of ICE.

The cultural\language differences of Oz and US pop up again :smiley:

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So glad we’re keeping on topic…lol

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It seems like there must be other, more mechanically sympathetic ways of reducing noise concerns. Can the exhausts be muffled more or does that just destroy 2-Stroke power?

Isn’t it common knowledge the louder something is the faster it is. Lol. Honda civics are. Perfect example. Lol

According to Audi, "Noise is unused energy”…

it’s not just audi. it’s physics - heat, too.