Circuit Mapping - Ideal Track Help


is there someone that could help me on defining the ideal running track for the circuit below?


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Hi Marco. Are you looking for an ideal racing line, or something else?

Short answer, it depends on what you drive. But if it’s your first time out, can’t hurt to get an idea ahead of time.

Line posts can be useful but what you want to look for is the rubber on the track. Approaching each turn will be darker colored track. Follow that into and out of the turns on the rental kart. Speed it up as you find the groove.

Well I’ll have a stab at that

Forgive the wobbly line in places, kinda hard with a touchpad lol

Agree here. The challenge is that the geometric “ideal” line depends (to an extent) on the kart and how much acceleration it offers. Faster accelerating kart may benefit from sacrificing entry to gain maximum speed out.

However it also depends on the surface and bumps. I’ve found sometimes that taking what looks like an ideal line quickly becomes unsuitable due to bumps, dips etc.

If you’re totally new to racing and racing lines I think the first thing to consider and practice is making use of the entire track with available. That alone can get you about 80% of the way there.

To see, look at Richards line. There are places where he suggests going all the way out to edge of track to optimize turn. Generally, using as much “width” is preferable.

The rubber on the track sometimes tells a different story and that is also worth paying attention to.

Generally speaking…apexes are key. NEVER miss an apex.

Late apex if you’re opening onto a fast section, to get on the power early.

If your sequence of turns is tight one after the other, exit to middle of track not all the way.

Which direction is the track run? Is it ever run in reverse? It appears that clockwise is being used but some of the karts pictured on track don’t seem to be on an ideal line (using an early apex).

One thing I have done in the past that helped me learn lines as well as braking and accelerating points, is to volunteer as a course worker. This gives you a vantage point you don’t get from the outside of the track.